Finding Files after Transfer Finishes when using Laplink V/DOS

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Laplink V/DOS copies the desired files (or directories and files) 100% error free but are not found on the destination computer after doing so.



The files (or directories and files) were probably copied to a different location than expected, possibly to the \LL5 subdirectory. This usually occurs when the target (or destination) computer is used to control the copy operation.



Check the following:

NOTE: Be careful what you copy TO and FROM each computer. Do not copy the \DOS, \LL5, or \WINDOWS directories, or the COMMAND.COM file to the destination computer's root drive level. Files created with Windows can be copied but you want to avoid overwriting Windows system files. If you want to make a backup of these directories and files, be sure you copy them to a directory, not the root drive of the destination side of the screen (C:\BACKUP for example).

For most instances, the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files should not be copied as well. If you DO copy these files, first make a backup of them on the destination computer if they already exist.


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