Configuring Security Settings in Laplink V/DOS

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What does Access Denied By Security On The Remote Machine mean? How do I set or change the Security Settings within LapLink V?



This message indicates that access to a remote computer is being denied on account of that remote machine's security parameters.



NOTE: These steps assume that the mouse works in Laplink V/DOS. If it does not, use ALT and the highlighted letter. TAB and the Arrow keys will move the cursor around the dialogs.

To gain access to the remote computer, change the remote machine's Security Setup to ANYONE (No Security) or USER LIST (Partial Security).

  1. From Laplink's Connections menu, click Security Setup.

  2. Click Anyone (No Security) or User List Only (Partial Security).

If you choose User List Only (Partial Security): 

  1. Click User List.

  2. Type a User Name and Password (This will be the name and password needed by your computer to access the remote machine.)

  3. Set the desired drive and directly level security for this user.

  4. Click Save and retype the password.

  5. Click OK and then Done.

To add the User Name and Password to the local machine's Address Book:

  1. From Laplink's Connections Menu, click Address Book.

  2. Enter the required information, then click Add.


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