Hiding Laplink Gold from the User

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I need Laplink to run in 'stealth' mode, so that no part of the program is visible to the user. How can I do this?


This should be done only in situations where you are using Laplink to remotely support other users.

  1. Start Laplink, and configure the connection and security settings as necessary. Test the connection and any services that you need to use.

  2. Using Windows Explorer, go to C:\Documents and Settings (or Users if Vista and higher)\All Users\Start Menu\Programs, and remove the Laplink folder.

  3. Using Search or Find, locate LLW.INI and open the file.

  4. In the [Preferences section] add the following lines:

  5. Close the file and save the changes.

  6. From the Laplink Options menu, click Program Options.

  7. On the General tab, uncheck both options.

  8. On the Advanced tab, uncheck Show warning and error messages.

  9. On the Advanced tab, check Always start Laplink before Windows logon prompt.

  10. Exit LapLink, and reboot the computer.

To check that Laplink is running, go to the Task Manager or Close Program List and look for LAPLINK.EXE.

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