Repairing TCP/IP and Dial-up Networking

Document relates to: Laplink Gold (All versions), PCsync (All versions)


I am having problems with Laplink Gold or PCsync and have been directed to uninstall and reinstall Windows Dial-up Networking components. How do I do this?


NOTE: Laplink requires that the operating system’s networking components be completely stable. Laplink Technical Support Engineers are not able to provide in-depth operating system troubleshooting help. If you have questions or require assistance with these procedures, please contact your PC manufacturer or Microsoft for support.

Windows 95, 98 and 98SE:

See Microsoft's knowledge base article Q181599 for detailed information. 

Windows XP: 

In Windows XP, you can no longer remove the TCP/IP protocol as in older versions of Windows. To resolve protocol stack corruption, Microsoft has created a simple, one-line utility to reset TCP/IP. Please see Microsoft's knowledge base article Q299357 for detailed information. Note: retrieving the log file is unimportant for Laplink purposes.

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