How to Install and Use Laplink V/DOS to Rescue Data from a Computer

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How can I install Laplink V for DOS on a failing computer after downloading the software?



If the computer boots from a floppy drive, you can use LapLink V/DOS to rescue the data. 

Important: Please see the Laplink V for DOS system requirements and limitation disclaimer before proceeding.

Create a startup boot disk using Windows 98 or Windows XP.
NOTE: Other versions of Windows do not offer this type of format, but any DOS boot disk should work.

  1. Right-click My Computer and click Explore.

  2. Right-click 3 1/2" Floppy (A): and click Format.

  3. Check the box Copy System files or Create an MS-DOS startup diskette.

  4. Click Start.

  5. Close the Format dialog.

Transfer Laplink V from a download to a floppy disk:

  1. Open Windows Explorer on the computer to which you downloaded Laplink V.

  2. In the folder where you saved the download file, double-click LAPLINKV.EXE and extract the files. Note: Do not use the INSTALL.EXE file because it is not compatible with Windows.

  3. Locate and highlight all the files that were just extracted.

  4. Copy all the files to the startup boot disk in the A: drive.

  5. Close Windows Explorer and reboot the computer with startup boot disk still in the A: drive

After the computer boots from the A: drive, type LL5 at the DOS prompt and press Enter.

If the screen is garbled or distorted, exit Laplink V/DOS. See Technical Document 717: Display is Distorted when Laplink V/DOS is Executed for more information.

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