Computer Freezes when Running Laplink V/DOS

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I type LL5 to start LapLink V. I see the message Loading Laplink V, Please Wait but nothing happens. I have to turn off and restart my computer.



This is probably caused by an IRQ (Interrupt ReQuest) conflict between two ports that Laplink V/DOS tries to initialize as it loads. Additionally, there may not be enough memory available for the program.



NOTE: These steps assume that the mouse works in Laplink V/DOS. If it does not, use ALT and the highlighted letter. TAB and the Arrow keys will move the cursor around the dialogs.

To check for IRQ conflicts, follow these steps:

If running in DOS:

  1. At the C:\> prompt, type CD LL5 and press Enter.

  2. Type REN TSI.INI TSI.OLD and press Enter.

If running in Windows:

  1. Right-click My Computer and click Explore.

  2. Double-click the LL5 folder.

  3. Right-click TSI.INI and click Rename.

  4. Change the name to TSI.OLD.

Try LL5.EXE again. If it launches correctly, continue with the next step.

  1. From Laplink's Options menu, click Port/Modem Setup.

  2. Click the one (1) port you use to connect.

  3. Click Reset.

  4. Check the Enable Port box. If it's selected, click OK.
    • If the computer has frozen, reboot. This indicates that you have a two ports that are configured the same. To solve this problem, you will need to open the computer and remove one of the ports from the motherboard.

    • If the computer has not frozen, click Done.

  5. If the Enable Port box is not checked, click OK and move to the next port. Repeat the Resetsteps until you have one port enabled and the computer does not hang.

If LL5.EXE does not restart correctly after renaming TSI.INI, or to check for available memory, 
see Technical Document 718: How to Install and Use LapLink V/DOS to Rescue Data from a Computer for more information.


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