Graphic or Painting Problems when Remotely Controlling a Windows XP Host

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When I remotely control a Windows XP computer, the colors are blotchy or may appear garbled after I click the mouse in an area. What can I do?



The color quality is set too low in Windows Display Settings on the host computer. Windows XP is designed to run with 24-bit or higher color settings. This may also occur if the color quality settings of the two computers (host and guest) are radically different.



To check the color quality setting on the Windows XP host, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the Windows desktop, and click Properties.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Color Quality, set to High (24-bit).

  4. Click Apply and then OK.

Also, you may want to experiment with some of Laplink remote control options, namely the number of colors that are sent in the transmission. 

  1. From Laplink's Options menu, click Remote Control Options.

  2. Click Performance, then Settings, and then Guest Colors.

  3. Move the slider toward More, until you see Display bitmaps with High Color (16bit).


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