Error Message: "Unable to Load Device Driver: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\TSISTRM.SYS"

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When I reboot my computer after installing Laplink Gold, I receive the Windows error: "Unable to Load Device Driver: \SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\TSISTRM.SYS" device driver could not be loaded. What can I do to prevent this error?


This error may be the result of a conflict between Windows video drivers and the remote control features in Laplink Gold, and may also be caused when the remote control driver from another program is present and interfering with the Laplink driver.


If you want to use Laplink only for its file transfer features, follow these steps:

This solution disables the remote control (host) and voice chat (host) features, but does not affect the remote control (guest) and voice chat (guest) features. In other words, this doesn’t affect Laplink Gold’s ability to connect to another computer for remote control or voice chat sessions. In addition, Laplink Gold’s file transfer capability will remain unaffected.
Technical Document 1064: Disable Remote Control in Laplink Gold

If you want LapLink to retain its ability to receive Remote Control connections as a host, follow these steps:

Remove other remote control or terminal emulation programs:

1. Uninstall Laplink Gold using Add/Remote Programs in Windows Control Panel.

2. Uninstall the other remote control or terminal emulation program using its Uninstall program.

3. Reboot the computer.

4. Reinstall Laplink Gold.

5. Reboot the computer once more.

If the error persists or if you don’t have any other remote control program, see Technical Document 213: Error Message: Setup is Unable to Configure Remote Control Components for complete troubleshooting of Laplink remote control installation problems.

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