Synchronizing Outlook with PDAsync and the Kyocera Smartphone

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I'm trying to synchronize with my Kyocera Smartphone, but not all of the information is exchanged. I've even tried forcing a full synchronization. What's wrong?



You may have created your profile using PalmDT instead of Palm OS devices.


The solution involves two types of change.

  1. From the Kyocera Smartphone CD, select Install Outlook Conduit.

  2. Follow the steps on the screen to install the conduit.
  3. From the Windows Start menu, go to Programs, then PDAsync, and click the profile for PalmDT.

  4. Click New Profile.

  5. Change the Name to read PalmOS devices and Outlook.

  6. In the Hand Held translator field, click Palm OS devices.

  7. In the Partner translator, click Outlook.

  8. Click OK.

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