Overview for Configuring a Firewall or Router to Allow Laplink Connections

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Document relates to: PCsync (5.x and newer), FileMover, Laplink Gold (All Versions)


I cannot connect with Laplink Gold, PCsync or FileMover, and I suspect my firewall or router is the problem, how do I fix this?


A firewall or router must be configured properly to allow Laplink to connect over the necessary ports. Laplink utilizes TCP ports for: 

  • Establishing network connections to other LapLink computers.

New! Laplink Gold 12 is capable of connecting over the Internet without the need to configure most routers or firewalls! Please see Frequently Asked Question 215.


Personal Firewall Software
Alternatives to Port Forwarding
Ports Used

NOTE: If you do not find specific instructions for your firewall or router, please contact the manufacturer for assistance in configuring it. For a list of ports used by Laplink, see Ports Used below.


NOTE: The firewall / router on the host end must always be configured. A Firewall / router protecting the guest computer may not require configuration.

Please see your specific router's documentation or manufacturer support website for specific information on how to set up port forwarding. For the list of ports used, see below.

Personal Firewall Software:

The easiest solution is to temporarily disable the firewall software for Laplink purposes. If you aren't sure how to disable the firewall software, Technical Document 252: How to Prevent Background Programs from Starting when Booting Your Computer may allow you to keep the software from loading, but will not work with all firewall software. If disabling the firewall software is not desirable or practical, click the name of the firewall for more information on configuring it to allow Laplink Connections.

These executables send data through the firewall:
LAPLINK.EXE - Laplink application
LLSERVERMAIN.EXE - Laplink web server
SERVERPROXY.EXE - Laplink Everywhere (Gold 11.5 and higher only)

NOTE 1: Both Internet and LAN connections will require disabling or configuring software firewall.

NOTE 2: In cases where your computer is protected by a hardware firewall/router appliance as well as software, consider completely uninstalling the firewall software. In most cases, the hardware firewall will provide all the protection you need.

Windows XP Firewall (SP2)

For other personal firewall software, please see your specific firewall's documentation or manufacturer support website for specific information on how to set up port forwarding. For the list of ports used, see below.

Alternatives to Port Forwarding:

  • Laplink Gold 12’s new 'Connect over Laplink Internet' service circumvents most firewalls and routers by creating a persistent connection to the Laplink Internet servers. Laplink Internet is a subscription service, but the initial year is provided free of charge when you purchase Laplink Gold 12. Read more about Laplink Gold 12’s functions & features. Laplink Gold for Windows 7 also includes this service.

  • Laplink Gold 11.5’s 'Connect over Laplink Everywhere' service no longer functions. You will need to upgrade to Laplink Gold 12 in order to connect without modificaitons to router/firewall.

  • Laplink Gold 11’s Firewall Service is for use when configuration of a firewall or router on the host end is not an option.

NOTE: Both of these services will allow for connections to multiple Laplink host computers behind a firewall or NAT router on the host.

Ports used:

The following TCP ports are used for inbound and outbound connections:

  • TCP Port 1547 (inbound for host, outbound for guest): Laplink uses this 'listen port' to connect to other Laplink computers across the Internet. It is not sufficient to merely allow this port through on the firewall or router. This port must be forwarded to the internal IP address of the Laplink computer behind the router. If you plan to have more than one Laplink host available behind the same router, please see Technical Document 618: Changing the Firewall or Router Port used by Laplink Gold 11 for more information.

  • TCP Port 389 (outbound): Laplink uses this port to publish its unique name to the ILS server, and to search for other LapLink computers.

  • TCP Ports 8443 and 8444 (inbound and outbound): Laplink FileMover and Laplink PCsync 5 use these ports to establish a connection. 8444 is standard port and 8443 is a secure port.

  • Any TCP port greater than 1024 (outbound): Laplink uses this port to confirm that its unique name is published to the ILS server. NOTE: The Laplink ILS server is no longer available.

  • TCP Port 1183 (inbound and outbound): Used for all SSL (secure) Surf up connections. NOTE: The Surf Up feature is only available in Laplink Gold 11.0, 11.2, and 11.3.

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