Changing the Firewall or Router Port used by LapLink Gold 11

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I know that Laplink uses port 1547 to listen for connection requests. I'd like to change this port number to increase the level of security, or to setup multiple Laplink host computers behind the same firewall/router. How can I do this?


By default, Laplink uses TCP port 1547 for network and Internet communication. With Laplink Gold 11 and higher, you can change the listen port number. Follow these steps on both host and guest machines:

  1. Using Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\TSI32\LLW.

  2. Double-click LLW.INI .

  3. In the [TCP/IP] section, add ListenPort=xxxx.
  4. NOTE: Replace xxxx with the port number you want to use.

  5. Save and close the file.

  6. Close and restart Laplink.

If you wish to allow access to multiple Laplink hosts behind the same firewall/router, you must use a different port for each Laplink host computer (e.g. 1547, 1548, 1549, etc.). In the router configuration, each port must then be forwarded to the appropriate private IP address of the respective Laplink host computer. See Technical Document # 633: Overview for Configuring a Firewall or Router to Allow Laplink Connections for more information.

NOTE: There is no way to change this port assignment while Laplink is running. For that reason, a single Laplink guest computer cannot easily connect to multiple Laplink hosts when each host has a different listen port. You must repeat steps 1-5 on the guest each time you connect to a host with a different listen port.

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