Error Message: "Unknown Error" when Synchronizing with PDAsync

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I try to synchronize my mobile device with PDAsync and I get an "Unknown Error" message. What can I do?


This is usually caused by a corrupted record in your PC application (PIM) or PDA device. This error message is displayed when another error message wouldn’t make any sense to the end-user.


The first thing you want to do is to determine which section (Calendar, Contacts, E-mail, Notes, Tasks), or sections, is causing the error message. In order to do this, do a sync with only one section enabled and note if you get the error message. Now do another sync with only one other section enabled and note the results of that section. Continue doing this until you have tested each section individually.

If the problem is with the Calendar section, then one common cause is the existence of a recurring appointment/meeting that does not have a Start or End date. Make sure all your recurring appointments have both a Start and End date and then try the sync again.

Now that you know which section(s) is causing the issue, we recommend doing a Full Synchronization of that section(s) and having PDAsync overwrite the information in the PDA device.

  • In PDAsync 4: Click on Tools -> Settings, single click on the section in question (not the check box, the name of the section – IE: Calendar, Contacts, etc), and click on the Selectbutton on the right hand side. This will place a red symbol on the icon for that section to signify that a full sync will be done on it. Repeat the above for each section if you need to do more than one.

  • In PDAsync 3: Click on File -> Force Full Synchronization -> and select the section that is causing the problem. Repeat this for each section if there are multiple sections causing the problem.

Once you have the section(s) setup for a full sync, start the sync and you will be prompted with options on how to resolve the Full Sync. Select the option to overwrite the data in the PDA device with the data from the computer (PIM).

If the above steps to not help to resolve the issue, we will need to examine the log files in order to locate the exact record that is causing the issue. Follow these steps in order to get us a copy of the log files:

PDAsync 4.x:

  1. Open PDAsync, click on Tools -> Settings.

  2. Click on the Logging tab.

  3. Set the Log Level to 3 - Debug Data Log.
  4. Make note of the path listed in the Log Folder box so you can find the log files after they are created.

  5. Click OK.

PDAsync 3.x:

  1. Launch PDAsync, click on Tools -> Log....

  2. Set the Log Level to 3 - Debug Data Log.
  3. Make note of the path listed in the Log Folder box so you can find the log files after they are created.

  4. Click OK.

To recreate the error:

  1. Perform a synchronization in the exact same manner as normal. Once the error message has appeared, the log will is created.

Getting help from Technical Support:

  1. Send the log file as an attachment to an email to our Technical Support staff. 
  2. To locate the log file, Use Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to the folder specified in the Log File entry above. Zip the entire log folder and send it to us as listed below.
  3. Email the file to our Technical Support Department (, please include the following information:
    • your name,
    • the name of the PC application (PIM) along with the version (i.e. Outlook 2003, Lotus Notes 7.0, etc),
    • which mobile device you have (if applicable),
    • what version of Windows and if any service releases have been applied,
    • what version of PDAsync you are using,
    • Your PDAsync serial number. 

Solving the Error:
Laplink Software, Inc. Technical Support will review the log file and report back to you via email with suggestions for locating the corrupted record.

NOTE: We will not contact you by direct email, an email will be sent to you instructing you to view your support request in your support account on our website. Simply follow the links to get therel.

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