SHIFT key Responds Slowly when Laplink is Running

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I have Laplink running in the background while I'm editing a document. When I press the SHIFT key on my keyboard, I have to wait about 3 or 4 seconds before I can type an upper case character. It seems like the SHIFT key doesn't know I'm holding it down. What can I do?


There is an interaction between Laplink's remote control driver for the keyboard and the software used with Internet-enabled keyboards.


Before starting Laplink:

  1. Use the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys to open the Task Manager.
    NOTE: On XP and newer versions of Windows, you will need to select Task Manager.

  2. Look for the EasyKey program, and highlight it.

  3. Click End task.

NOTE: There may be other keyboard-enhancing programs besides EasyKey. Check with your computer manufacturer if you don't see EasyKey listed.

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