Screen Blanking Test Always Runs when Starting Laplink

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When I start Laplink it asks me to run a screen-blanking test. What is this? How can I prevent this?


The screen-blanking test is part of Laplink's remote control security features. If this is the first time that you have seen the question, click Yes to run the test. Regardless of the outcome, you shouldn’t be prompted again. Occasionally, the results of the test are not correctly recorded in the initialization file so the test runs when it doesn't need to.


To prevent the test from running:

This test can be bypassed by editing Laplink's initialization file, LLW.INI:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, go to Search, then For Files and Folders. Alternatively, if you use Windows 95/98, from the Windows Start menu, go to Find, and click Files and Folders, OR, on Windows Vista/7 you can just search directly from the field on the Start menu.

  2. In the Named field, type LLW.INI.

  3. In the Look in field, choose your drive. (The full path is C:\Windows\TSI32).

  4. When the file is found, double-click the file to open in Notepad.

  5. In the [Remote Control] section, edit the Host Security Support Tested line so that it looks like this:
    Host Security Support Tested=Yes

  6. Close the file and save the changes.

  7. Start Laplink again.

NOTE: If you have changed your video settings, Laplink will prompt to re-run the Screen Blanking test.

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