Error Message: "FS_OPERROR Setup will now terminate"

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I'm trying to install Laplink and get the following error message: "An internal application error has occurred. Please contact Laplink Technical Support and report the following error key: FS_ OPERROR." Alternatively, the error may begin with: FS_LAUNCH PROCESS, or some other FS_ code.


  • Customize the Laplink installation in order to change the installation directory from C:\Program Files\Laplink Gold to simply C:\Laplink. This alternate directory will be created automatically during installation.

  • Ensure that your TEMP folder actually exists on the C: drive, and that it is empty. See Technical Document 727: Removing Temporary Files from Your Computer for more information.

  • Ensure that all other applications have been shut down, especially anti-virus applications. See Technical Document 252: How to Prevent Background Programs from Starting when Booting Your Computer for more information.

  • Ensure that your computer is free from viruses by using a virus scanner updated with the very latest virus definitions.

  • Ensure that your computer has the latest BIOS available. Consult your PC manufacturer for assistance with the BIOS.

  • If the drive you're installing LapLink to uses the NTFS file system, ensure that you have permission to write to that drive.

  • If running in Windows NT, check the CONFIG.NT file for the line Files=xx , where xx is greater than 50.

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