Remote Control Guest Computer Freezes or has an Error

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When I use remote control to connect to my host computer, the guest freezes. Sometimes I see an error that the hard drive is full, but I have plenty of free space. What can I do to use remote control?



The algorithm that controls how LapLink caches the remote control screen has not correctly determined the guest computer's resources. 

Note: Before trying this solution, see Technical Document 128: Laplink Remote Control Session Results in a Black Screen to rule out other possible causes for this problem.



  1. On the guest computer, locate LLW.INI and open it in Notepad.

  2. Locate the [Remote Control] section.

  3. Add or edit this line to look like this:
  4. Cache Profile=2

  5. Close the file and save the changes.

  6. Search your computer for these two files: BITMAP*.* in the\windows\tsi32 folder. Delete them.

  7. Retry the connection.

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