How to Restore Default Windows Files

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I have been instructed to replace or restore a Windows file. How can I do this?


If a program you have installed replaces a core Windows file with an older or modified version, you may experience problems with Laplink products.


Be sure that the file in question (such as Winsock.dll) does in fact need to be replaced. HINT: if the file has the same creation date as most other files in that same folder, then it is likely the original, Microsoft-supplied version, and does not need to be replaced.

For computers running Windows 95, 98 and ME:

Please see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q129605: HOW TO: Extract Original Compressed Windows Files

NOTE: If the System File Checker cannot find the file you want, or if your computer’s operating system was preinstalled (by the OEM), you may change the Restore field to: 

  • C:\Windows\Options\Cabs for Win98 or
  • C:\Windows\Options\Install for Windows ME

For computers running Windows XP:

  1. From the Start button, click Run

  2. In the Open field, type MSCONFIG and press Enter

  3. Click Expand File

  4. In the File to restore field, type the file name.
    NOTE: You will be given the name of the file to replace by another technical document or a support technician. 

  5. In the Restore from field, type C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386\

  6. In the Save file in field, type C:\Windows\System32.
    NOTE: You may be instructed by another technical document or support technician to restore to C:\Windows. 

  7. Click Expand

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