Error Message: "Setup is Unable to Configure Remote Control Components"

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  • I receive the error message: "Setup is unable to configure the Remote Control component. Restart your computer and try again. If the problem persists, contact Laplink Technical Support." This error message occurs during the installation of Laplink.
  • Alternatively, I may receive the error message when I start Laplink: "Laplink Remote Control depends on several components, which cannot be configured. Click ‘Correct’, ‘Continue’ or ‘Cancel’." Choosing to correct the problem has no effect; the error persists even after rebooting. However, I can choose to continue, and can then use all of LapLink’s features except when acting as a remote control host.

What can I do to correct these problems?


Laplink places keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) filters into Windows during installation. If the Windows keyboard, video and mouse drivers are outdated, incorrect, or currently engaged by other remote-control applications, the Laplink installation may fail. 

 The monitor type or monitor drivers do not cause this error message.


There are several possible solutions listed below, which relate to drivers for Keyboard, Video, Mouse; as well as other software conflicts. If possible, you should be using the latest version of Laplink Gold.

Video Drivers

  • Temporarily disable the video adapter long enough to install Laplink successfully. After rebooting and verifying that Laplink causes no errors, you may re-enable the device. The display adapter can be disabled from the Device Manager by right clicking on the device and choosing properties, then changing the setting under ‘Device Usage’. Sometimes, it's only possible to do so while booted to Safe Mode.
  • The video driver may not be compatible with Laplink's remote control video filter. Sometimes, a computer manufacturer (OEM) modifies the standard video drivers (from the video chipset manufacturer) to work with a specific model of computer. In these cases, updated reference drivers directly from the video adapter chipset manufacturer may resolve the issue. Even brand-new computers may benefit from an upgrade to the latest driver from the video manufacturer. To diagnose and resolve this issue by updating your drivers, see Technical Document 114: How Do I Discover What Type of Video Display Adapter I Have and Update the Drivers? Carefully read any posted disclaimers about using reference drivers, and follow all manufacturer instructions for installing updated drivers. Here are some helpful links, which may be used if you own a video adapter with an IntelNvidia or ATI chipset. These are common video adapters, whose manufacturers periodically release new drivers.
  • The computer may have two video cards installed, or your video card may be a dual-head design. Laplink's remote control video filter must interface with a single video driver when the computer boots. With two video cards, Windows loads two video drivers. We recommend that you use only one video card. It may be possible to disable the second adapter in the Device Manager or in the system BIOS (if using an on-board adapter). Please contact your PC manufacturer if you need assistance with the BIOS.

Other Remote Control or Terminal Emulation Programs

  • Other remote control programs, such as PCAnywhere, must be uninstalled before you install Laplink. These applications also add filters to the video, keyboard, or mouse drivers and prevent Laplink from installing properly. There is no workaround that will allow you to use both programs for remote control purposes. However, you may uninstall the other program temporarily, Install Laplink, then disable the remote control components of Laplink, and finally re-install your other remote control software. To disable the remote control components of Laplink after installation, please see If you want to use Laplink for File Transfer only below.
  • Cursor programs may alter the mouse driver. Disable or uninstall any add-on cursor programs.

Mouse and Keyboard 

  • The computer may have no mouse or keyboard attached. Windows does not load mouse or keyboard drivers if there no hardware is attached. As with the video driver, LapLink must also filter mouse and keyboard drivers. For example, a USB pen tablet device would not cause the correct mouse drivers to be loaded by Windows. To resolve this issue, attach a PS/2 device instead. Alternatively, If you plan to use only the file transfer feature, you can remove the mouse and keyboard after the installation finishes. Please see If you want to use Laplink for File Transfer only below.

  • The computer may use a USB mouse or keyboard. Laplink Gold 11.3 and higher supports USB mouse and keyboard devices. Contact Customer Service to see if you are eligible for an upgrade.

If you want to use Laplink for File Transfer only

  • If you receive this error when Laplink launches (not during installation), it is possible to disable the remote control components of Laplink Gold. This will prevent you from being able to control this computer from a different computer, but this computer will still be able to take control of another computer. See Technical Document 1064: Disable Remote Control in Laplink Gold for more information. NOTE: There is no way to disable the remote control features during installation, only afterwards.

If you are unable to locate the source of the error

  1. Submit a question to Technical Support. If you have not created a MySupport profile, you will be prompted to do so. Please provide detailed information about the display adapter and the driver version you currently have.

  2. Locate RCINSTAL.LOG (only one ‘L’) with the Windows search tool (or browse to C:\Windows\TSI32\LLW), then send it as an e-mail attachment to Please be sure to reference your open web incident # (created above) in the email title so that the log file won’t be lost or overlooked.

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