Network Connection Troubleshooting in FileMover

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I cannot establish a network connection through FileMover. How can I resolve this issue?


FileMover must be installed, running and configured correctly on both computers before it will connect. FileMover does not create the underlying network; instead it must use an existing, functional TCP/IP network in order to connect. FileMover cannot communicate over any other network protocol, such as IPX/SPX or NETBEUI. 

Before proceeding with the following network connection troubleshooting, check the hosting and user (security) settings in FileMover on the remote computer. For more information, see the FileMover online documentation.

Network Connection Troubleshooting in FileMover can be broken down into 2 areas:

A) Failure to browse the local network, or
B) Failure to connect over the local network.

A) A failure to browse (‘see’) the remote computer over the network does not guarantee a failure to connect. Instead, supply the IP address of the remote computer. See Technical Document 204: How to Determine the IP Address on a Computer for more information. NOTE: Supplying the Windows computer name of the remote PC instead of its IP address may not help, since a failure to browse the network by name in the first place can be indicative of a problem with network name resolution. Supplying an IP address instead will circumvent any such problems.

  1. From FileMover’s Connect menu, click 'Connect'.

  2. Ensure that the "Connection type" drop-down list has 'Network' selected.

  3. Enter a Display Name of your choosing.

  4. Enter the appropriate username & password information.

  5. In the Machine Name/IP field, type the IP address of the remote computer.

  6. Click OK.

B) If the connection still fails, perform the following troubleshooting:

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