Configuring the Windows XP Firewall for use with Laplink

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How do I configure the firewall that is integrated into the Windows XP operating system to allow TCP/IP Laplink connections?


NOTE: If you have Windows XP SP2 then follow the instructions in Technical Document 1047: Configuring the Firewall in Windows XP SP2 for use with Laplink.

  1. Open Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections. Alternatively, go to Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet connections > Network Connections.

    NOTE: Windows XP has different appearances depending on the Start Menu and Control Panel settings.
  2. Right-click and choose Properties for the appropriate Local Area Connection (LAC). 

    NOTE: This is the Local Area Connection that is associated with your TCP/IP connection, and may be labeled as your USB network cable, dial-up or Ethernet adapter, depending on your connection type or ISP.

  3. Click on the Advanced tab and ensure that the firewall is enabled with a check mark. 
  4. Click the Settings button, and click Add to define a new service.

  5. Change the Description of Service to 'laplink'.

  6. The Name or IP address field refers to the local computer, not the remote one. This Windows Computer name can be found by going to Control Panel > System Properties > Network Identification tab.

    NOTE: We recommend using the Windows computer name, since the IP address may change (depending on your connection type).

  7. Change both the TCP internal & external ports to 1547.

  8. Click OK as necessary, then close & re-start the Internet connection. LapLink should now be able to connect through the XP firewall.

    NOTE: The Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall can be enabled or disabled on a connection-specific basis. For example, the firewall can be disabled for USB network connections, while left enabled for Internet connections. You can read more about the XP Internet Connection Firewall in the Windows Help File, by searching for the terms: "Firewall, Service, Definition"Microsoft Support should be consulted if you need assistance.

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