Troubleshooting TCP/IP Network and Internet Connections in Laplink

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Laplink is not connecting over my TCP/IP network. This may be a USB network cable, Local Area Network (LAN), or direct Internet connection in Laplink. What can I do?


Laplink contains a tool for troubleshooting network and other methods of connection within Laplink Troubleshooter.

  1. From Laplink's Help menu, click Help Topics.

  2. Click Start Troubleshooters, then Connecting over network. Follow the suggestions in the troubleshooter, and continue with these other suggestions if necessary.

Use the IP address of the remote computer instead of the Laplink computer name. See Technical Document 204: How to Determine the IP Address on a Computer for more information.

  1. From Laplink's Connect over Network or Connect over LAN dialog, click TCP/IP Addresses tab.

  2. In the TCP/IP Name or Address field, type the IP address of the remote computer.

Use the PING command to test the network connection. See Technical Document 171: Using the PING command to Test Network-Type Connections for more information.

Check for hardware or software firewalls, or routers that block traffic on port 1547. See Technical Document 633: Overview for Configuring a Firewall or Router to Allow Laplink Connections for more information.

Note: LapLink Gold 11 and higher can be configured to use any port. See Technical Document 618: Changing the Firewall or Router Port used by Laplink Gold 11 for more information.

Configure the computers to prevent other applications using Windows resources. See Technical Document 252: How to Prevent Background Programs from Starting when Booting Your Computer for more information.

If you receive a message that "The TCP/IP Port is Unavailable", see Technical Document 97: The TCP/IP Network is Currently Unavailable when Launching Laplink for more information. 

Uninstall and reinstall the TCP/IP protocol and Dial-Up-Networking. See Technical Document 361: Repairing Dial-up Networking for more information.

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