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Document relates to: Laplink Gold (2k8 and newer)


Unable to launch Laplink Gold due to Remote Control components errors.


Problems with setting up Remote Control ability.


This solution disables the remote control (host) and voice chat (host) features, but does not affect the remote control (guest) and voice chat (guest) features. In other words, this doesn’t affect the ability for Laplink Gold on this computer to establish a remote control or voice chat connection to another computer, but will prevent other computers from establishing those connections to this computer. Laplink Gold's file transfer capability will remain unaffected.

  1. Click Start -> Run. Type NOTEPAD and click OK.

  2. In Notepad, click File -> Open.

  3. Change Files of Type to All Files in the drop-down box.

  4. Locate the LLW.INI file in it's appropriate location as follows:

    • For Laplink Gold 2008 and newer on Windows Vista and 7, it will be in C:\User\All Users\Laplink\Laplink Gold.

    • For Laplink Gold 2008 and newer on Windows XP, it will be in in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Laplink\Laplink Gold.

    • It will be in C:\Windows\TSI32\LLW for all other versions of Windows.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Add this line to the [Remote Control] section: RCTest=no

    It is best if this entry is the line right after [Remote Control], but it will be fine so long as it comes before the next entry that starts with a [.
    If necessary, create the [Remote Control] section manually.

  7. Close Notepad and save the file.

  8. Click Start -> Find or Search.

  9. For All Files and Folders.

  10. Copy and paste (or type) the following in the "All or part of the File Name" field:

  11. For each file above, right-click the file name in the Search results window, click Renameand then change the file extension to XXX. Press Enter. For example, change TSISTRM.SYS to TSISTRM.XXX.

    : If the file extensions for the above files to not show up, click on Tools -> Folder Options, click on the View tab, remove the check from the "Hide file extensions for known file types" box (you will probably have to scroll the list down just a little), click Ok, and then refresh the window. 
  12. Reboot the computer.

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