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I cannot print using Laplink's Print Redirection feature.



Print redirection issues can be caused by a wide range of conditions, though in most cases they are a result of Laplink's inability to communicate with the existing printer drivers. 
NOTE: Print redirection is not supported with multi-function printers that use virtual ports.



There are several possible solutions listed below.

Update the Printer Drivers

Ensure that you have the latest printer drivers installed on both computers. The latest printer drivers can usually be obtained from the printer manufacturer's website. NOTE: For best results you should manually install the printer for print redirection.

Use the same drivers on both computers.

Both computers should have the same printer drivers installed in order for print redirection to work reliably. Unfortunately this is not always possible if both computers are running different operating systems. In these cases we cannot guarantee that print redirectioin will function correctly, if at all.

Ensure that Printer Redirection is setup correctly.

Use the following steps to confirm that printer redirection is correctly setup.

    1. On the Host computer set the printer to print to file instead of the LPT1 port and if you can, specify the desktop as the default location for the file.

    2. On the Guest computer create a Word document called TEST.DOC and in it type some miscellaneous text.

    3. Launch LapLink on both machines and establish a printer re-direction session.

    4. Next, on the Guest computer print TEST.DOC using printer re-direction. 

    If everything is set up correctly the TEST.DOC file will print as a file on the Host computer.

Adjust the Printer Settings.

Turn of spooling and set the printer datatype to RAW. 

    1. Open up the Printers Control Panel (Start --> Settings --> Control Panel, double-click Printers). 

    2. Right-click on the printer and select Properties

    3. Under the Ports tab, ensure that "Enable printer spooling" is unchecked. 

    4. Under the Advanced tab, click on Print Processer. Select RAW for the datatype and click OK

    5. Click Apply and then OK.

Clean boot the computer.

If all else fails, clean boot the computer. The clean boot procedure prevents other potentially conflicting applications from loading when Windows starts. It is a temporary measure taken to help isolate and determine the cause of the issue. For instructions on how to perform a clean boot see Technical Document 252: How to Prevent Background Programs from Starting when Booting Your Computer.

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