How to redirect the Program Files folder in Pcmover

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When attempting to do a migration using PCmover, the following error "not enough disk space on C: drive" is displayed.


This error happens when the new C drive is smaller than the old C drive.


You can redirect the program files folder to a non-c: drive.

In the Customize the transfer screen on the new PC, click on the Folder Filters option.

Note: This is done on the Folder Filters option, do NOT change anything in Drive Selections.

  1. Open the Folder Filters dialog and expand the list of Folders for the drive on the Old computer you want to redirect.
  2. Select the Folder on that drive you want to redirect.
  3. What it will look like when you select the folder.

  4. In the Target edit field, change the drive letter to the drive on the New computer to which you want to redirect the folder.
  5. Here is an example of what the screen looks like after the drive letter in the Target field has been edited:

If you also need to redirect personal data folders such as Documents, Pictures, Music etc., select them in this dialog (Folder Filters) either directly at the username folder level or individually under the username folder. The same process as described above applies:  Select the folder(s) and only edit the drive letter in the Target field.

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